Our Solutions

Estate planning

through the establishment of robust corporate and trust structures, foundations, pensions, wills and letters of wishes in a variety of different jurisdictions.


against bankable assets (Lombard loans) and non-bankable investments (real estate) via custodians or an external broker.

Pension and Retirement income consolidation and structuring

and management of investments within these solutions.

Legal and tax issues

access to selected tax advisors and lawyers in different jurisdictions; a particular focus on cross-border issues for income and capital; different residence solutions to suit clients’ requirements.

Insurance Against Risks​

via appropriate disability, life, cyber, and asset insurance.

Access to Private Equity and Venture Capital providers.

Consolidated reporting

and independent benchmarking of a family´s global bankable assets.

Family Office Solutions

ISGAM’s key services are portfolio management and investment research. Our financial planners also provide professional financial planning services and have particular experience in relation to ‘cross border’ families. Over the last three decades we have built a remarkable network of external specialists in a wide range of fields. This network enables us as an independent asset manager to offer our clients excellent and holistic family office solutions

We Will Help You Every
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