Portfolio Construction
& Our Approach to Risk

Each client’s portfolio is tailored to individual needs, risk tolerance and time frame

The asset allocation and currency exposure will therefore differ. We do, however, use proprietary portfolio models developed over the past twenty years to aid us in asset allocation. Most of our clients look to us to create portfolios that will secure their financial future. 

A key aspect of portfolio creation is the management of risk that is specific to the client’s goals. Whether we are being asked to create wealth or preserve it, we always keep in mind the level of risk being applied to the portfolio to provide gains.

Marianne Rameau

Head of Research & Portfolio Management

Investment Strategy

We believe that the most important aspects of an investment strategy are diversification and asset allocation. Subject to the risk tolerances of our clients, we allocate funds to a wide variety of asset classes including, bonds, hedge funds, equities, cash and commodities. In addition to diversifying between asset classes we also invest globally as we believe that it offers the best opportunity for higher long-term returns.

We have a preference for evidence based investing as it makes the most sense to us. We do our own research. We are apt to stay the course once we have chosen it but are humble enough to know that there are times when a change is necessary. We are long-term investors and believe that the best returns are achieved through patience and a steady temperament.

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